Thursday, July 15, 2010

Krynitza [Крыница] - Angel & Hail to the sun

Neofolk - Russia

Krynitza is a pagan neofolk group from Russia with a lot of unique elements and influences from Russian folk music and tradition, performed with the highest dedication and skill.

01. Requiem
02. Song of the Wind
03. Angel
04. Knyaz
05. As upon the wild wasteland...
06. The Leaves Of Life
07. Rusalia
08. As Upon The Wild Wasteland... (Live)


01. Day of the Spring Sun
02. The Wind Will Let My Hair Down
03. Oh, Isn't It a Shame Upon a Man
04. Don't You Ask Me...
05. Raven Dark
06. Beyond the Mountains
07. Motherland


The member of Krynitza Rodoslav is member of Temnozor

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