Monday, July 19, 2010

Forseti - Erde [2004]

Neofolk - Germany

Forseti is a neofolk project from Germany headed by Andreas Ritter. The music is best described as folk-inspired acoustic music, with the acoustic guitar as base instrument, and mainly supported by violin, flute and melodica. Lyrical themes include nature (religion), melancholy and citations from literature and mythology. The band Forseti was conceived in 1997, when Ritter bought his first acoustic guitar (though he made music beforehand).

Forseti has cooperated with many individuals in the neofolk scene, such as Uwe Nolte (Orplid), Douglas Pearce (Death in June), Kim Larsen (Of the Wand and the Moon), and B’Eirth (In Gowan Ring).

Ritter is reported to have suffered a heart attack in May 2005, causing him to lose some bodily functions and inflicting brain damage. This provoked the release of a collaborative album entitled Forseti lebt (“May Forseti Live”) in 2006, in support of the musician. Participating artists were: Sonne Hagal, Sonnentau, B’eirth (In Gowan Ring), :Of the Wand and the Moon:, Death in June, Waldteufel, Lux Interna, Northman, Fire + Ice, Darkwood, and Primus Inter Pares.

1. Korn
2. Eismahd
3. Lichterflug
4. Empfindsamkeit
5. Erdennacht
6. Dunkelheit
7. Sterne
8. Der Graue König
9. Schmerzen
10. Müder Wanderer
11. Das Abendland

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