Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Luar Na Lubre - Saudade [2005]

A Coruña, Spain (1986 – present)
Luar na Lubre is a multi-awarded Folk/Celtic band from A Coruña, Galicia (Spain) formed in 1986. Most of their lyrics are in Galician (native language from Galicia), and they have many instrumental songs. One of their most popular songs ‘O son do ar’ (The sound of the wind) was covered by Mike Oldfield in his album ‘Voyager’, and former Luar na Lubre singer Rosa Cedrón was guest singer in his album ‘Tubular Bells III’.

Folk/Celtic - Spanish

02.Olla meu irmao
03.Cantiga do neno da tenda
04.Danza dos esqueletes
05.Domingo Ferreiro
06.Miña Nai
07.Pandeirada do Che
08.Lonxe da Terriña
09.Nova Galicia
10.Teu nome, Amarante
11.Galego guajiro
13.Tu Gitana

Saudade don't have translation in no language, shared for the Gallegos and Portuguese have a difference between both. For the Portuguese it is the absence of any thing, for the Gallegos is alone of the land, of Galicia, presence, that still being in it, but is not complete.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lantlôs - Lantlôs [2008]

The cold calling of our dying modernity, the German band Lantlôs is able to shape tasteful black metal and to switch inside their creation acoustic passages with a result that recalls of Ved Buens Ende and Amesoeurs. Lantlôs is a Distorted Aesthetic in the gloomy and fucked up obscure decadence, powerful disharmonic feeling is the artists palette to draw the listener to perdition and what may become a fatal introspection.
Black Metal - Germany

01.þinaz Andawlitjam 09:04
02.Mittsommerregen 08:09
03.Ruinen 08:34
04.Kalte Tage 06:59
05.Ëin 06:59


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kauan - Lumikuuro [2007]

Kauan is a folk doom metal band from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Their music is a mix of neofolk and doom metal with black metal influences. In Kauan's music it is possible to find echoes of Shape of Despair ("Shades Of..." period), Agalloch, early Empyrium and Tenhi. The album "Lumikuuro" is based on the lyrics written in Finnish language.

Folk/Doom/Black - Russia

01.Alku 02:08
02.Aamu Ja Kaste 07:01
03.Lumikuuro 07:28
04.Savu 04:11
05.Koivun Elämä 06:27
06.Syleilyn Sumu 05:14
07.Villiruusu 05:17
08.Syleilyn Sumu (Akkustika) 05:11


Empyrium - Songs of Moors and Misty Fields [1997]

Empyrium started as a German symphonic folk doom metal band founded in 1994 by Markus Stock (mostly using the pseudonym Ulf Theodor Schwadorf) and Andreas Bach, but later Ulf T. Schwadorf separated from Andreas Bach and took Thomas Helm as his partner. Their first two albums, A Wintersunset and Songs of Moors and Misty Fields, can be considered doom metal with folk and symphonic influences. They combine harsh and operatic male vocals with deep slow guitar parts and atmospheric keys. Their music is heavy, dark and romantic.Two next albums, Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays and Weiland, are acoustic, and aren’t really related to metal. The genre of these albums can be defined as folk. Instead of keys they use acoustic instruments such as violin, cello, flute. The main theme is lead by monotonously repeated acoustic guitars. There are still operatic male vocals included, and in Weiland the band uses a choir. It still remains dark and melancholic, but Empyrium’s music lost its metal heavyness.The band draws most, if not all of its inspiration, from nature, as some of the album titles reveal. The lyrics are mostly in English, though in Weiland only German is performed. After their last album, Weiland, the band decided to stop recording.Discography…Der wie ein Blitz vom Himmel fiel…A Wintersunset [CD/2LP 1996]Songs of Moors & Misty Fields Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays [CD/2LP 1999]Drei Auszüge aus Weiland [7”EP 2002]Weiland [CD/3CD/2LP 2002]Members (line up):Ulf Theodor Schwadorf (real name Markus Stock) - guitars, bass, drums and vocals (also in The Vision Bleak, Noekk)

Dark Symphonic Folk Metal (early), Neofolk (later) - Germany

01.When Shadows Grow Longer 01:30
02.The Blue Mists Of Night 06:28
03.Mourners 09:18
04.Ode To Melancholy 08:48
05.Lover's Grief 09:12
06.The Ensemble Of Silence 09:53


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Artesia - Hilvern [2006]

Artesia started as a french female duet, which plays atmospheric music. The band was formed in Pleubian, France, in 2001 by Agathe (keyboards, choirs), and their first recording was made in june 2003 (8 titles/38 minutes), but the sound was very bad, and it couldn’t be distributed. Gaëlle joined the band in September 2003 and it was the beginning of the adventure. The first demo “l’Aube Morne” (5 titles/20 minutes) was recorded in September 2004 and is now sold out! On December 2005, Artesia signed a deal with Prikosnovenie, a French label specialized in faërie and world music. The first album”Hilvern” was released in February 2006. In June 2007, the new album ” Chants d’Automne” was released. In early 2008, Gaelle left the band for personal reasons. Agathe is now working on the third album, with the help of Loïc. You can find more information about the band on the website (http://www.artesia-music.com/) or on the label’s website ( http://www.prikosnovenie.com/).

Dark Ambient/Neoclassical - France

01. Une nuit en Hilvern
02. L'autre chemin
03. Rencontre avec la Dame
04. La clairière des fées
05. Une ancienne légende
06. Barenton
07. Prière au mortel
08. Les hommes ne se rappellent plus mon nom
09. Eveil et desespoir
10. L'abandonnée