Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lantlôs - Lantlôs [2008]

The cold calling of our dying modernity, the German band Lantlôs is able to shape tasteful black metal and to switch inside their creation acoustic passages with a result that recalls of Ved Buens Ende and Amesoeurs. Lantlôs is a Distorted Aesthetic in the gloomy and fucked up obscure decadence, powerful disharmonic feeling is the artists palette to draw the listener to perdition and what may become a fatal introspection.
Black Metal - Germany

01.þinaz Andawlitjam 09:04
02.Mittsommerregen 08:09
03.Ruinen 08:34
04.Kalte Tage 06:59
05.Ëin 06:59


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