Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kauan - Lumikuuro [2007]

Kauan is a folk doom metal band from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Their music is a mix of neofolk and doom metal with black metal influences. In Kauan's music it is possible to find echoes of Shape of Despair ("Shades Of..." period), Agalloch, early Empyrium and Tenhi. The album "Lumikuuro" is based on the lyrics written in Finnish language.

Folk/Doom/Black - Russia

01.Alku 02:08
02.Aamu Ja Kaste 07:01
03.Lumikuuro 07:28
04.Savu 04:11
05.Koivun Elämä 06:27
06.Syleilyn Sumu 05:14
07.Villiruusu 05:17
08.Syleilyn Sumu (Akkustika) 05:11



  1. Awesome band.

    Look for Kauan at orkut's community.

  2. Best band in this area, waiting to the new disc KUU later this year....
    While you and the others are waiting go to www.mertamusic.se/OOM and listen to my stuff and the featuring albums. Special the one from Russia...Nice guitar solos from some of the tracks..
    Lots of love from OOM to you Kauan and fans..