Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hagalaz' Runedance Trilogy

Neofolk/Ambient Folk

Hagalaz' Runedance is one of several music incarnations of neopagan musician Andrea Haugen from Germany, which remained active roughly from 1997 to 2002. After her dark Aghast project, Andrea decided to explore the myths and magical tradition of her own culture. Thus she created the musical entity Hagalaz' Runedance. She explores the magic and spirituality of Northern Europe, bringing to life the forgotten wisdom, focusing particularly on the feminine mysteries and the goddess worship traditions.

The Winds that Sang of Midgard's Fate [1998]

01.When the Trees were Silenced 02:49
02.Behold the Passionate Ways of Nature 03:43
03.The Home that I will Never See 04:05
04.The Oath He Swore One Wintersday 03:43
05.Seidr0 4:14
06.Das Fest der Wintersonne ''Ein Weihnachtslied'' 03:40
07.A Tale of Fate ''Folksvang Awaits'' 04:25
08.When the Falcon Flies 02:44
09.Serenade of the Last Wolf 05:15
10.Mother of Times 04:20

Volven [2000]

01.The Dawning 04:53
02.Seeker Divine 04:29
03.Volven 03:36
04.Alva 04:08
05.Solstice Past 05:52
06.On Wings Of Rapture 03:03
07.Wake Skadi 04:30
08.Dreaming Wild White Horses 03:54
09.Your World In My Eyes 08:14
10.On Wings Of Rapture (Vision Of Skuld) 04:04


Frigga's Web [2002]

01.The Crossing 02:34
02.Hel: Goddess of the Underworld 03:53
03.Frigga's Web 04:38
04.Labyrinth 04:02
05.Little Light 03:05
06.Raven Night 03:32
07.Albion Autumn 02:09
08.Where the Lonely Souls Go 05:23
09.The Home That I Will Never See 04:21
10.The Soul of a Hound 04:16


  1. Thank you very much for uploading these albums. I´ve been looking for them for several years at my city´s music shops, and I wasn't able to find them. You`ve make my life happier :-)

  2. And have you got something of Faltriqueira (from Spain)? I'd be grat...